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Join us at The Belmont on the 24th of April for one full day with the world’s top governerds!


DAOs in 2023

DAOs have become a force to be reckoned with. Counting more than 11.000 active DAOs and over 1.7M active voters, DAOists are informed, engaged and early adopting innovators. It’s where companies often find their most aligned costumers, talent, investors and co-owners.

In The DAOverse the building never stops  

Consensus in 2023

Consensus is the world's largest gathering of crypto folk. >20,000 attendees and 500 speakers came to Consensus in 2022.It is known for the business focus and halls of endless opportunity.

Can we bridge tradition and the bleeding edge?

First time in the USA

First The DAOist in the United States has to be  special and we have just the spot: The Belmont. From Paris to Lisbon, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Mexico City and Bogotá our magic sauce comes to the USA:

A Saloon at the Edge of the DAOverse

The DAOist Austin:

We will attract DAO thinkers, architects and builders attending Consensus 2023 and provide a most comfortable connection space for co-design and deal flows + top DAO related content, you are invited to thicken the plot

≈900 DAO Niche Attendees
35 Talks and Panels
10 Booths for Sponsors
16 Workshops

Sexy - We craft experiences disguised  as conferences.

Space - Room to hang where education, entertainment and elevation meet.

Nerds - DAOists care.  We go the extra mile to learn, test, hack and explore at the edge.

Vibes~ - Décadence avec élégance? Our bohemian je ne sais quois is hard to explain

Buckle Up & Let’s Ride

Technology, Culture, Beauty and the future of Governance, hand in hand


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The Belmont is the perfect place to hold your next event. Whether it’s a company party, fabulous wedding, or a private concert, it’s a gorgeous canvas to bring your vision to life. With a classy courtyard, a rooftop terrace with an iconic industrial view of the Frost Bank Tower, a show-ready outdoor stage, and three full-service bars, The Belmont in downtown Austin is the perfect setting for any soiree. Let us help you make your next party a success."


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