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October 2022 - It is always darkest before Dawn, DAOist.

And maybe that's a good thing.

It hasn't been an easy time for most communities. :(
Rapid expansion and contraction have shown us where the cracks in our communities want to form - The DAOist events provide the glue. This time we hope to provide an opportunity for healing, reflection and togetherness for as many DAOists as we can.
Looking for sponsorship slots?
Inclusivity > Exclusivity 

The DAOist Bogotá will be large - It's time to go big and go home, DAOist. This round we're bringing all the creativity you are used to on a larger format to kick off Devcon week with a loving bang. 

The first ticketed event: Choose your journey.
Art by Elco using words and midjourney - aren't they lovely? 💖 Go Grab one! 

For the first time we will use paid ticketing to be able to reach a large size and inclusive dynamics. (Oddly, Curating attendees directly has taken valuable time away from building the experience itself. Let's find out what we can do if we focus solely on creating the wildest experience ever with a proper budget?) 

But do not worry - They’ll be cheaper than you think.

A large percentage of them will be available as early bird tickets ($66 USD) and the standard price will be $111 USD. You’ll also be offered two higher price ticket tiers. By choosing those you’ll receive unique swag and cultural opportunities during Devcon alongside pledging into The DAOist Creator DAO: Day. (More on this at a future opportunity, but DO NOT forget to add your wallet at checkout, whatever ticket tier you choose. These tokens will be soul-bound, so choose the wallet wisely and resales will not be possible) 

Register here. One form to rule them all - speakers, sponsors, volunteers - all in one place.


Summoner ticket holders will receive something truly special, an art pack instead of a swag bag. There will be only 111 available and this set of art appreciators will form the seed of Day DAO.

The Launch of Dawn DAO

Last but not least, we will be launching Dawn DAO in its final form during The DAOist Bogotá and running a proposal design session. We sincerely hope to see you there and let's build the future of The DAOist together! 

And no, no afterparty alpha yet… except… you know there will be one and it won’t be one to be missed, Dancer DAOists... after all, finally, we go to South America.


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The DAOist Bogotá will take place at Espacio Odeón: A non-profit foundation, focused on promoting experimental and interdisciplinary processes in artistic practices. Usually the space hosts artists from different disciplines and their program includes exhibitions, curatorial projects, laboratories, study groups, performances, and parties, among others.

Let us tell you DAOist, it’s just the perfect place for The DAOist Bogotá. 

They seek to generate a space for participation, dialogue and critical thinking around artistic practices and other urgent contemporary issues. Let’s bring it.


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