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March, 2022 - The DAOist Mexico City was mainly focused on bringing DAO culture to local communities.

The DAOist Mexico will be mainly focused on bringing DAO culture to the local communities. An entire 2-day event designed for entry-level web3 contributors locals, with talks in Spanish, sharing art and knowledge from the DAOverse in one of the biggest capitals of the world. We’re also having concerts from different local talents that will add a great touch to the whole event, as well as attract artist communities.

The first day will be focused on talks from Token Engeneering Commons, MetaGame, DoinGud, and many more. All this followed by an afterparty with handpicked local musicians and DJ/producers. At day two attendees and speakers will experience lots of skill, experience and cosmovision exchange in packed schedule of workshops.


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Main Event: Foro Cultural Lenin

Merida 98, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700

The Main Event will happen at Foro Cultural Lenin, a big beautiful historic house with many rooms, press hall, a podcast room, and workshop space. It has also a huge patio for an outdoor stage, a theater with 220 seats.

After-party: Legión Americana

C. Celaya 25, Hipódromo Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06100

A Condesa classic: Legion Americana has been the meeting point for visitors from all over the world. They love hosting community events and it’s the perfect balance between a great dance hall and a homey feel that will allow for DAOists to share ideas from their experiences while enjoying from a unique neighborhood.


We want to pay special attention to opening The DAOist Mexico City for newcomer opportunities. Mexico is a big country! We have DAOists in geographic corners that have it difficult to travel, so we're working to bring scholarships for people that want to travel to Mexico City to have all their expenses covered. Stay tuned to our Telegram and Twitter communities to know more about this in the next weeks!

The fundraising will be divided in two:

  • Brands and sponsors outside the DAO spectrum
  • NFTs by Mexican artists will be auctioned


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