Bring coordination costs (way) down

Experience what happens when everything you need is right there, set up and ready to go: At the Metahub you’ll find food, sleeping places, relaxed spaces, creative and technical tools, and multifunctional workspaces. Ah! You also get to share it with others as brilliant as you.

To turn the mere experiential into reverential.

Facilitators will be on hand to support you by providing input and holding creative and critique sessions, mediating impasses in the process. Together we’ll quest for those nuggets of wisdom, that once you see, you cannot unsee. All of it documented on your specific residency page at the Metahub website by all of us together and The DAOist’s video team.

Transformation is not the same as change.

The collected activities in the “Everlasting DAOist” that is the Metahub will hopefully add to more than the sum of its parts, helping thread the fabric of the movement of web3. Art and social times will help forge bonds of intimacy that will come in handy when navigating hard times or celebrating our shared successes.


  • It all starts with a call. We will identify needs, goals, and blocks. Finding out who to invite, for how long, when and if there’s any necessary custom equipment that should be acquired.
  • Once scheduled, all the info gathered allows us to craft a plan for the residency and how it will unfold over the physical space of the hub and the social network around it. Opening sessions, discussion plenary discussions, open days, and meetups can all be a part of it, depending on your needs.
  • Afterward, the captured videos and notes will be processed by us and you and published at will on the project’s page, like this one.


Your first Residency at the hub should be designed within a maximum of 7 days and 7 people. This first collaboration will guide us towards the next co-creations with The DAOist.

Residencies can also be individual or inter-team, meaning that the ‘residency team’ referred here can be formed from people representing different organisations or just one individual.

During your time in the Hub you might:
  • Develop a specific deliverable that can benefit from IRL collaboration or deep focus, while receiving facilitation support, feedback, and documentation while working from a gorgeous place.
  • Come together with collaborators from other organisations either on the same project or working from the hub at the same time - either way you might have useful pieces of each other’s puzzles.
  • Receive documented feedback, just in time, while the process is warm.
  • Get access to certain facilities or environments not available at the usual home office or co-working space.
  • Effortlessly to expand your network and reach through our comms efforts.
  • Receive a jolt of freshness, challenging your established ways. Encountering different people, cultures, and surroundings might help bring new ideas and solutions.
  • Be near or study with someone also in residence - maybe an experienced DAOist or Elder.
  • Lead yourself through a productive transition during a challenging time.
  • Go beyond your regular skillset to test something new.
  • Or just in general be among like-minded individuals, in a supportive environment.
  • Finally get a tan, if you come in the next few months. 😎

No upcoming residencies yet. Want to set up one? Hit the link below
There are currently no scheduled residencies. Want to set up one? Hit the link below
No ongoing residency at the moment
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An overview of what's currently happening in the Metahub

Frequently asked questions

How can I set up a residency?

Metahub Residencies are custom-made, book a call with Metahub team to align ideas and needs.

What does a residency offer? 

Dorm beds, access to all spaces in the hub, full-time communications support, activities facilitated by The DAOist core members and Dawn Elders.

How long does a residency last?

Residency setup is one week by default, but they can last longer if necessary.

Do I need to pay for taking part in a residency?

Thanks to our Ambassadors and Ministries, residencies are completely free of charge at this point.

I don’t have connections in Dawn DAO, can I still apply for a residency?

Yes. While Dawn DAO members have priority in setting up a residency, anyone can apply with a proposal that will be developed in conjunction with The DAOist's team. Your idea does not have to be fully fleshed out - we are all about those cultural public goooodzzz.

I don’t want to apply for a residency, but can I propose something?

Ideas are welcome, as long as they come with a prototype and execution plan and not just suggestions. Please write it up and shoot it over to hello@thedaoist.co

If I want to make a personal call or a meeting where can I go?

There are 5 rooms from which you can currently take calls. The Garden and balconies have plenty of space if you don't need that much privacy.

Still have questions?

Use the link below and set up a short video call with one of the Metahub stewards.