August 22, 2022
August 26, 2022
date: tbd

Algovera Team Retreat

Algovera is an organisation that is bridging AI with Web3 by building tools that allow teams to easily collaborate and monetize their AI work.
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Algovera is a community of independent AI teams (called Squads) developing user-centric, decentralized AI applications. They provide support to teams including funding, community events/workshops and access to decentralized cloud infrastructure. Algovera Grants has funded 18 independent AI teams to date (with Round 4 underway to fund 10 more). Algovera has also developed an onboarding framework to take Squads in the community through the various stages of user-centric, ethical and environmentally-friendly design considerations for their AI apps.

Check out a podcast on their history and vision.

How will Algovera use The Metahub?

They are a team that is spread out around the world. Having come together during the pandemic, the vast majority of interactions have been online. They believe that interactions in physical space are of enormous value, and are trying to find the right cadence and format for such meetings. As implementation of the technical pieces of our product begins, it is important that the team is super clear about the priorities and the approach to take to solve users’ problems.

"We believe it is important to question our approach constantly to iterate and improve our solution. The time at Metahub will be used to ideate, discuss and problem solve about some of the key pieces of Algovera’s approach to onboarding machine learning talent to Web3. Eventually, we dream of creating an Algovera hub in the real world where AI teams and collaborators can brainstorm and hack on ideas and solutions. We hope to learn from and be inspired by the experience of the DAOist in this regard.

Furthermore, we would love to tap into the vast experience of the DAOist team in stewarding the emergence of new organisational structures and facilitating fair and equitable governance. DAOs have the potential to improve coordination and governance within distributed AI teams. For the first time, it is possible to find a team on the Web, create a shared treasury, get funded through grants, and govern a project. Frameworks for DAOs give us the opportunity to enhance cooperation and collaboration between individual AI teams." 


Richard Blythman - Co-founder, Data Science and AI lead, Machine Learning R&D Engineer.

Hithesh Shaji - Co-founder, Operations Lead, Full Stack Developer.

Jakub Smekal - Full Stack Developer, Data Scientist, Token Engineer. 

Sal Vivone - Machine Learning R&D Engineer, Web3 Developer


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