August 15, 2022
August 21, 2022
date: tbd

Crypto Futures Documentary

Capturing stories on the possible futures DAOs are enabling.
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In recent history, Web2 platforms controlled by centralized companies as well as most nation-states have shown to be incapable to address the major issues we are facing today. Web3 / crypto is a quickly emerging layer being built on top of the internet using blockchains, a shared platform for economic collaboration that circumvents many of the incumbent authorities and institutions, however not everyone involved has the same vision of what they would like to see built with the technology.

Crypto Futures is a documentary exploring the different futures being proposed, including the one being proposed by those who are working most closely in the space of DAOs. At the Metahub we are wanting to capture the day to day life of those who are doing exactly this, to make it more real for those on the outside. The intention is to film the stories that are already happening around the Metahub and the associated DAOs that show the seeds of the future that DAOs are proposing.

This documentary is a call to action. We want to show to viewers that this is a critical moment for the development of a technology that can have profound effects on society and in order to take part, you don’t need to be a software developer or technologist. This will help viewers determine which future they would like to begin supporting rather than solely believing the mainstream discourse is the only one possible.


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