August 8, 2022
August 12, 2022
date: tbd

Gilberto Morishaw

Building A World That Works
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The world is in crisis, in the last decade we have seen a plenitude of crises intersecting,
interacting and reacting upon each other in ways that make it clear that much is amiss in our
society. From the things we buy, to the way we transport ourselves, from the food we eat, to the
way we deal with sickness. It is clear that something is not working. The intersection of these
problems manifests itself in growing economic inequality, food insecurity, a biodiversity collapse,
the climate crisis, twin-pandemics, and yet…corporations maintain and create record-profits for
shareholders. Our world runs on a fantasy that seems to be more real than reality.

Cooperatives, activists, community builders, designers and web-3 enthusiasts see the
intersecting nature of the global crises happening around the world. Many individuals,
communities and people are joining forces to create a better world for all people. Nevertheless,
being in the old world, people are conditioned and often required to abide and work under the
rules of the old world. Destructive paradigms can sneak into the very work that aims and claims
to liberate.These paradigms and ways of thinking lay at the ground of the socio-economic and
cultural-political crises that create barriers for human cooperation, thriving, and development.
Autonomy, decentralization, coordination, cooperation, regeneration.These values underpin
much of the regenerative finance movement, DAO’s, and blockchain as a whole. But what are the
foundations of these values?

What if the real world mattered?. What if the fundamental values that we claim to have, could be
made real in our actions and in the projects we do. Through artistic contemplation, poetic
journaling, and creative discovery we embark on a journey towards tomorrow. Gilberto Morishaw,
musician, poet, and changemaker will go through this imaginative poetic narrative that gives a
helping hand in overcoming the challenges that we have faced and ultimately, provide the tools
that are needed to build a world that works. In his residency he will connect with both individuals
and communities to bring life to their dreams of a new reality and use poetry, music, and
storytelling to generate wisdom, purpose and tools for building this new world. -> Event link

Gilberto's residency culminates at a facilitated creative dialogue event - "Building a world that works", The first event at the Metahub that is open to the public!


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