2:00 pm

Opening Ceremony

The DAOist kickoff

2:20 pm


Stories from Maker: on progressive decentralisation and lessons from working for the DAO

2:40 pm


Accelerating the giving economy with DAOs

3:00 pm

Open DeFi

DAO’s approach to data-driven and evidence-based governance using machine intelligence and simulation

3:20 pm


The VC perspective on DAO investment readiness

3:40 pm

Decentral Games

Building Decentral Games, metaverse casinos = profitable DAO

4:00 pm



Building the massive online coordination game

4:20 pm


MetaFactory is using SourceCred to measure and reward value creation

4:40 pm


Fundraising for developers with the MetaCartel

5:00 pm


The past, present and future of governance

5:20 pm


Gnosis safe as a DAO operating system

5:40 pm


Funding science with DAOs — our journey at VitaDAO

6:00 pm

Fractal scaling of API3

6:20 pm


The evolution of PrimeDAO - a technical perspective

6:40 pm

Token Engineering Commons

The importance of cultural practices when building self governing communities

7:00 pm


DAOs as engines of productivity

7:20 pm

Collaboration on the sovereign web using Ceramic

7:40 pm

Changing the Funding and Founding landscape through DAOs

8:00 pm


Mapping out the DAO tooling ecosystem" - - understanding the available landscape for builders and contributors to effectively structure and manage their DAOs

8:20 pm

A new EU regulation and DAOs

8:40 pm

Panel 1


The challenges DAOs are navigating in building in the Web3 world along the decentralization spectrum

9:20 pm

Panel 2


Hard things we forget to talk about: The collective shopping list of our DAOg-food


12:00 am

Gitcoin Assembly


Join Gitcoin Stewards for a lively governance discussion - we'll meet at the geodesic dome in the grounds.

2:00 pm

Decentralized HR

How can organizations without bosses hire, fire, or assess employees? How can they maintain efficiency & worker's rights without old hierarchical models? The answers to these questions are among us, come to this workshop to shed a light on them & help future DAOs avoid breakdowns due to rage-quitting, power imbalances, and confusion.

3:00 pm

NFT DAOs for Creators, curators and collectors

Attendees will go through the process of deploying their own DAOs on a testnet, deploying an NFT vault, and managing NFTs through proposals Prerequesites (if you want to build. Spectators are also welcome) * Computer with internet connection * Metamask with the ability to connect to Rinkeby testnet * Testnet ETH ( I can send some to attendees if needed, but faster if people come prepared)

4:10 pm

DAO to DAO Innovation and Decentralized Leadership

Join Luuk, the Strategic Lead of PrimeDAO for a conversation about the future of DAO to DAO coordination and DAO leadership

4:40 pm

Creating local regenerative economies

A small presentation about Kolektivo, a framework for creating local regenerative economies followed by an open discussion on leveraging Web 3.0 primitatives for impact

5:40 pm

Dao Haus

How to create a DAO at Dao Haus?

6:40 pm

Layer 0

How can we intentionally enhance the experience of Layer 0 (the humans of web3) to compound coordination?

7:20 pm

Dappnode DAO Announcement

How easy is it to run an Eth2 validator? Ask and people will provide - Community Treasuries and rewarding community for their involvement.

7:40 pm

Yap DAO: Contributor onboarding

8:20 pm

DAOs Edge of Tomorrow


How to retain scalability in all directions. This talk is a culmination of observations, actions and best practices from a wide gamut of DAOs and meant to help the audience get a grasp on the current "edge" in DAOs. As we enter a time where the worlds fate increasingly rests in hands of grassroots movements I take a step back at how different DAOs are taking different approaches to ensure they can remain up to the task - without ever falling prey to zero-sum thinking.