The DAOist is not pay to play.

The goal is to collectively share the burden and provide a signal of interest and coordination that points to shared ownership over The DAOist - and its manifest intention of serving all DAOs.

Your sponsorships will help us fund:

  • 300-600 people event
  • Workshop space / Stage space / Chill areas
  • AV Support (Projection, Sound, Film crew)
  • An After-party that shan't be forgotten

Suggested contribution packages

These are suggestions - we wanna keep this relational > commercial all the while being competent and professional. We advise you to only contribute if you trust this team to keep this balance.

Counterparts vary for each event and are at the discretion of organising groups. Make sure to check each event page for more information.

Patron DAO ±$12k

You have a company or commercial interest and your reputation is pristine. You are probably a friend and you are building something we all love and care for. We’d love to have your support.

Counterparts may include:

  • Talk and workshop
  • Online & Print visibility
  • Large booth in Workshop area
  • NFT badge (governance rights in DAWN)
  • 6 Tickets

Ride or DAO ±$6.5k

You know who you are. You and us have been here and there. There’s trust. There’s past, present and future. Let’s go together.

Counterparts may include:

  • Talk and workshop
  • Online & Print visibility
  • Small booth in Sponsor Island
  • NFT badge (governance rights in DAWN)
  • 4 Tickets
  • The DAOist Embassy passport

Sister DAO ±$2.5k

We flirted from across the room a few times. Seems we have something to share.

Counterparts may include:

  • Talk OR workshop
  • Online visibility
  • NFT badge (governance rights in DAWN)
  • 2 Tickets

Where to send funds

Ready to contribute? Please get in touch with and you will be sent all the info you need ;)

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