Are you ready for the next level?

It's time to go big and go home, DAOist. This time around we're bringing all the creativity you are used to on a larger format to kick off Devcon week with a loving bang.

This will be also the official launch date of Dawn DAO (finally!)

Join us for the biggest The DAOist ever with a full production team that will take The DAOist's bohemian co creation vibes to the next level.

Your sponsorships will help us fund:

  • 1400 people event
  • Workshop space / Stage space / Chill areas (A lot of space this time, promise)
  • AV Support (Projection, Sound, Film crew)
  • An After-party that shan't be forgotten
  • Carefully created Art Spaces
  • 20% of revenue will be donated to the "More Metahub Fund"  to keep it open throughout 2023 - 8 teams from around the Globe already took advantage of our free residencies in less than 2 months and it felt like the Metahub concept is validated! Time to double down.

Standard Sponsorship Packages

Prefer to see this as a deck? (Under Construction) 

The counterparts on this page are specific to the The DAOist Bogotá that will be held on 9th of October at Espacio Odeón.

* Governance rewards cannot be guaranteed at the moment of purchase of the Sponsorship - Just like before distribution will be retroactive and this time decided via Dawn.

Organizations that are primarily interested in governing Dawn should refer to the Ministry and Ambassadorship packages.

Patron DAO Bogotá

19k USDC*

You have a company or commercial interest and your reputation is pristine. You are probably a friend and you are building something we all love and care for. We’d love to have your support.

Counterparts may include:

  • Talk and workshop
  • Online & Print visibility
  • Special activation
  • Org Table
  • 12 tickets All inclusive
  • 2 Summoner Swag Bags

Ride or DAO Bogotá

11k USDC*

You know who you are. You and us have been here and there. There’s trust. There’s past, present and future. Let’s go together.

Counterparts may include:

  • Talk OR Workshop
  • Online & Print visibility
  • 8 tickets All inclusive
  • 1 Summoner Swag Bags

Sister DAO Bogotá

4.2k USDC*

We flirted from across the room a few times. Seems we have something to share.

Counterparts may include:

  • Online visibility
  • Print visibility
  • 4 tickets

Site Specific Sponsorship Add-Ons

Prefer to see this as a deck?

Espacio Odeón expansive and historical location offers numerous opportunities for creativity to unfold over the space. Grab these Add-Ons for directing the theme and branding of one of the Spaces: 

10k USDC*

Coworking, Chill Out, Massage Parlor, DAO Dojo, Tea Temple - you name it, we will execute it.

Counterparts may include:

  • Creative use of your brand and name woven into the theme of the area, by the DAOist.
  • Visible brand placement and naming.
  • Must have Ride or DAO or Patron Levels

6.000 USDC*

The DAOist (and your team if you choose) will collaborate with a local creator to provide a cultural experience supported by you and created around your focus.

Counterparts may include:

  • Creative use of the theme your organisation
  • "Powered by" Naming.

6.000 USDC*

WE NEED TO BEAT ALL OF OUR PAST PARTIES, It's just the way it is. Wait. We will beat them. Wanna put your name on it and give us more ammunition? Yes, of course you do.

Counterparts may include:

  • Many possible ideas for all over the party - cocktails, experiences, area naming etc.
  • One activation per sponsor

6.000 USDC*

It is not the most creative thing, we admit. But it helps with the effort and we will dedicate SERIOUS focus in coming up with the most unforgettable and snazzy name for your brand wifi.

Counterparts may include:

  • Your brand at the wifi connection and everyone will see it many, many times.

Your brand in the Summoner Ticket's Epic Swag

Case by Case

"Summoners" will be high value attendees that decided to go pledge into Day DAO - A creator DAO that will control funds directly to create cultural public goods. By Choosing this add on we trigger a conversation on how to involve your brand in the art pack and your organisation in Day DAO.

Counterparts may include:

  • Custom Art-Swag production
  • Governance over Day DAO
  • Must be a previous sponsor of any The DAOist initiative

Where to send funds

Ready to contribute? Please get in touch with and you will be sent all the info you need ;)

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