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Lisbon - 19th of October, 2021

We had so much fun in Paris in July, celebrating DAOs, life and each other. Remember, we told you that’s just the beginning? Seems like we're gonna meet again very soon, DAOist.

In our eyes, The DAOist is more than an event series - it aspires to culturally anchor the bet on decentralized lifestyles - you know - being a DAOist. 

Our mission is to raise confidence among people who want to have a decentralized lifestyle. This includes education and lifestyle content. Also, to create a space for the community to meet, collaborate, learn. The project is shaping on the go. We didn’t plan it - we are catching the wave. 

We are on the lineup together. Want to surf the web3 space with us?

Our first-not-first time: The DAOist is coming to Lisbon  

DAOists now have a place to talk shop and coordinate real hard. Some magic and mad planning helped us to hold that space. Check out The DAOist - Paris to see the pictures, talks and everything that happened! 

Now we are gonna do it all again but better and in Lisbon. Your sponsorships will help us fund:

  • 300-500 people event 
  • Workshop Space / Stage Space / Chill Area(s)
  • AV Support (Projection / Sound / Film Crew)
  • An After Party that shan't be forgotten.

The DAOist is not pay to play - the goal is to collectively share the burden and provide a signal of interest and coordination that signifies shared ownership over The DAOist - and it’s manifest intention of serving all DAOs.

Suggested contribution packages

These are suggestions - we wanna keep this relational > commercial all the while being competent and professional. We advise you to only contribute if you trust this team to keep this balance. We had 15 DAOs that believed in us and supported our initiative to run the DAOist in Paris. This time we’ve increased the price a tad but also the scope and professionalism of the event.

Special Activation - $12k± (sold out)

You have a company or commercial interest and your reputation is pristine. You are probably a friend and you are building something we all love and care for. We’d love to have your support.


  • Talk + workshop (no longer available)
  • Online & Print visibility
  • Large booth in Workshop area
  • NFT badge (governance rights in future DAO)
  • 6 Tickets
  • The DAOist Embassy passport

Ride or DAO | $6.5k± (12 slots)

You know who you are. You and us have been here and there. There’s trust. There’s past, present and future. Let’s go together.


  • Talk or workshop (no longer available)
  • Online & Print visibility
  • Small booth in Sponsor Island
  • NFT badge (governance rights in future DAO)
  • 4 Tickets
  • The DAOist Embassy passport

Sister DAO | $2.5k±

We flirted from across the room a few times. Seems we have something to share.


  • Talk or workshop (no longer available)
  • Online visibility
  • NFT badge (governance rights in future DAO)
  • 2 Tickets

Where to send funds

Ready to contribute?
Please get in touch with hello@thedaoist.co and you will be sent all the info you need ;)

Meet the previous sponsors

The DAOs and projects below have contributed and made The DAOist - Paris possible:

Technology Photo