July 25, 2022
August 1, 2022
date: tbd

LabDAO Team Retreat

LabDAO is a research organisation where discoveries are made and accelerated online.
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LabDAO is a research organisation where discoveries are made and accelerated online. The world needs inventors and everyone should have the freedom to become one.

As it's fundraising cycle reaches a close, LabDAO will enter a new phase of maturity as we shift our focus to building. During this time, the LabDAO core team needs a physical space to ideate, coordinate and build in the lead up to the token launch.

It is essential to capture the creativity and spontaneity encapsulated by working in person. The core team needs a web3-native launchpad to access support, builders, engineers and thinkers as they build the path to revolutionising decentralised science. For this reason, they would greatly benefit from the Metahub retreat.

Metahub: Opportunities to Thrive

  • Accelerate LabDAO’s three core deliverables: Lab Exchange, -Teams and -Fund, enhanced by in-person collaboration, while receiving live support and feedback
  • Expedite the productive transition post fundraise. First port of call: Lab-Exchange and onboarding CROs
  • Expand LabDAO’s network and reach: web3-native collaborators, engineers, legal support and DeSci community
  • Curate and receive feedback for IRL events. Our first workshop will be at EthCC Paris. The Metahub retreat will be a key moment to debrief and improve for future occasions

The LabDAO core team:

  • Niklas Rindtorff - Physician, Computational Biologist, VitaDAO, ex Broad Institute & HM
  • Rik Smith Unna - Bioinformatician, Hacker, ex Mozilla Science & University of Cambridge
  • Aakaash Meduri - Web3 developer, data scientist, chess master, ex Abbvie
  • Lily Hansen-Gillis - Community lead and UX Researcher, Surge Women
  • Eleanor Davies - Operations lead, ex OnDeck ODX & biotech investment advisory


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