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April, 2022 - Bringing Regenerative Finance to Barcelona Blockchain Week

Bienvenidas Regenistas,

We’re thrilled to organize the first ReFi Meetup by The DAOist during the Barcelona Blockchain Week on Wednesday, April 6th. Join us at Cahoot in the center of Barcelona for meaningful conversations about Regeneration, Autonomy, Public Goods, Commons, and anything in-between.

Tickets are first-come, first-serve, but please, only reserve a ticket if you can attend.
Want more? We’re organizing a ReFi track during GGG22 in Amsterdam on April 19th!  

Tentative Schedule

16:30 |  Doors open

17:00 |  Welcome to Barcelona - Overview of the Web 3.0 space in BCN by Alex / Sandra

17:20 |  Talk: The essence of ReFi - why we need it and what it could be

17:40 |  Fishbowl: Regenerative Finance as a foundation for Prosperity (different ReFI projects with a focus on the potential impact created by ReFi)

18:10 |  Framing our minds for a ReFi world - how to define “value” - Talk or panel

18:30 |  Talk: How DAOs enable the shift towards ReFi

18:50 |  Fishbowl: Tangible learnings from DAOist - how to navigate the space and make an impact

19:15 | Start networking with drinks and snacks

20:30 | End networking


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Cahoot Coworking Barcelona
C. de Floridablanca, 92-94, 08015 Barcelona, Spain


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