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You’re gonna get a sugar rush on the 16th of July in Paris with the world’s sweetest Governerds.

Our vibes for this time will be "Cotton 🌸 Candy 🍬 Summer 🌞 Bang. Join us for some fun and sweetness during ETH CC Week on July 16th.

DAOs in 2023

DAOs have become a force to be reckoned with. Counting more than 11.000 active DAOs and over 1.7M active voters, DAOists are informed, engaged and early adopting innovators. It’s where companies often find their most aligned costumers, talent, investors and co-owners.

In The DAOverse the building never stops  


EthCC is the largest annual European Ethereum event focused on technology and community. Four intense days of conferences, networking and learning. Over 4,000 attendees & 280 speakers are poised
to participate in the event. Over 10,000 are expected
in Paris.

Can we bridge tradition and the
bleeding edge?

The DAOist Paris:

We will attract DAO thinkers, architects and builders attending ETH CC Paris and provide a most comfortable connection space for co-design and deal flows + top DAO related content, you are invited to thicken the plot.

≈600 DAO Niche Attendees
35 Talks and Panels
10 Booths for Sponsors
16 Workshops


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